Calls originating from within the USA

Simply follow the directions printed on the back of the card.


Calls originating from outside of the USA using the DSN (Defense Switched Network)

DISA's managed interface to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN), which serves as DoD's primary interface for off-netting to - toll-free commercial numbers from OCONUS locations, is being enhanced for better customer service. DSN users will now be able to dial directly to toll-free commercial numbers without operator intervention or a second dial tone and long digit strings.

DISA has implemented the PSTN's four toll-free area codes — 800, 888, 866, and 877 — as DSN area codes to enable this direct dialing capability.

DSN users can now dial US toll-free numbers

Simply dial 94 + the 10-digit toll-free number printed on your calling card (ie 800-941-9725).

Although the operations and maintenance organizations of all services have been notified that this change is to be implemented, global implementation of the toll-free area codes at the base, post, camp, and station level may take some time and may not be technically feasible in some locations if the local DSN telephone switch is operating an outdated version of software. Therefore, the 809 off-net calling capability provided by 809-4-OFF-DSN and the second dial tone system will remain operational for an indefinite period.

How to use the 809 service:

1. Dial 809-4-OFF-DSN (809-463-3376).
2. You will receive a second dial tone.
3. Dial your toll-free #, including the "1" (e.g., 1-800-941-9725)
4. Follow the directions printed on the back of the card.


source: Defense Information Systems Agency


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